Sunday, July 31, 2005

KDE + Ubuntu (=Kubuntu)

KDE + Ubuntu (=Kubuntu)

If you like KDE and already installed Ubuntu, it's very easy to install KDE.
Only thing you have to do:

sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop

Install it and choose between logon with KDM or GDM. I chose the default one.
After that restart and you can choose with "sessions" KDE too and choose KDE as default.

I like Gnome a bit more than KDE, but it's always nice to have a choice :)

Friday, July 29, 2005



LugRadio is a British internet radio show. It's all about Linux and humor. Really worth checking out.
I like the interviews with developers and the humor. Can be a bit too much non-informative for me sometimes, but I always look foreward to a new episode.

Link to lugradio

There's a very good episode containing an interview with Mark Shuttleworh, the man behind Ubuntu.

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Mail + linux

Mail + linux

The finest mail client I've ever used is Sylpheed. It's very fast and does what it promises, downloads your mail you can access attachments. The only "problem": it's rather basic, and hasn't got a slick gui.

Thunderbird is a nice client too, but not very fast. I like it because it feels integrated with

Evolution is the slowest, but got the most features. It's bloated, and got problems with opening attachments 'out of the box'. You have to tweak it to make it somewhat usable. I "have to" use it because it's the only way to synchronise my calendar with my phone.

My advise: go for Sylpheed(-claws) if you can live without Evolution.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Synaptic + Repositories

Synaptic + Repositories

One of the best ways to install software on Ubuntu is with Synaptic. I've already discovered Synaptic when I was using Fedora Core 2 and since then it is my major install tool.No more rpms and dependencies hell.

This link shows you how to add extra repositories to Synaptic: ubuntuguide extra repositories

Repositories are extra sources to get your software from. After installing extra repositories, adding new software is a piece of cake.
You can find Synaptic: System => Administration => Synaptic Package Manager.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005



How tempting is it to click a signature with a hyperlink that states: don't click

I guess very tempting :)

don't click!

Monday, July 25, 2005

Linux and command line

Linux and command line

Using Linux without terminal is almost impossible. Sooner or later you will have to use the command line.
I've used msdos in the past, so it was not very hard for me to get used to it.

You can see my terminal, I've made it transparent so you see a part of my desktop background, I like this feature (downloaded the background yesterday)

You can use commands in the terminal but you can use the commands in a automatic script too. Can be very handy.
I'm still a bit of a novice, but I'd like to improve my scripting in the years to come.

This post will be a reference for commands I learn and use. I will edit it whenever I learn a new one:

goto Tuxfiles link for commandline stuff like ls, cd, cp (copy), rm (remove), mv (move), cat (view), less (view), mkdir (make dir), rmdir (remove empty dir), rm (remove dir)

Some more advanced: piping

ls | less => output of ls is input for less

More later

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Why Ubuntu

Why Ubuntu

I've used lots of distro's. I've started with Mandrake 9.2, after that I tried Mandrake 10 for a while, but that was a bit of a dissapointment.
It was not very stable for my hardware and lots of thing working fine in 9.2 didn't work as well in 10. So for me it felt like downgrading instead of upgrading.
That motivated me to try other distro' s and Suse and Fedora really appealed to me. Installation and hardware detection went without any real problems. I worked with both for a while but after a couple of months I deleted Suse 9.2 to use Fedora Core 3 only.
There was no real need to change Fedora, but curious as I am, I wanted to try Fedora Core 4 and compare it with Ubuntu. Lots of good reviews of Ubuntu made me try it.
Everything you can read in the reviews of Ubuntu is true: very easy install, very good hardware detection, very stable and lots of easy to install software, because it is based on Debian.
What I like about Ubuntu as well, is the great community around it. Very helpfull...
With ubuntuguide it's very easy to have a full featured desktop within a couple of hours.

Don't know if it's the best distro for starters, but it does the job very well and easy for me.
If you want to try Linux, download Knoppix
Great live cd, no installation on harddisk. Just burn the knoppix iso, boot the cd and try it. No risk and you can see if you like Linux.

Saturday, July 23, 2005

Share files

Share files

A very easy way to share files between 2 linux pc's in Ubuntu is by using ssh (I installed open-ssh client + open-ssh server).

Install it first on both computers (synaptic) and after that select from "Places" - "Connect to Server"
Choose service type "Custom Location"
For locations "sftp://name@servername/home/name" fa "sftp://tlinux@"
Name to use for connection "choose whatever you want" fa "tlinuxlaptop"

Now you need to put in your root password and voila, you can access the files you want. It's realy easy to use. The only "problem" is you can't use the files without copying them on your client. If that's the thing you want, you'd better choose nfs or samba.
First post

First post

This blog will be used to keep track of the things I do and learn with linux. Linux is since 2 years my main operating system.
By searching through my posts I hope I can spare some time googling for a problem I already solved in the past.

I' m from Holland but I will write it down in English, that way I hope my english writing will improve. If you see some spelling mistakes, please tell me :)