Sunday, July 24, 2005

Why Ubuntu

Why Ubuntu

I've used lots of distro's. I've started with Mandrake 9.2, after that I tried Mandrake 10 for a while, but that was a bit of a dissapointment.
It was not very stable for my hardware and lots of thing working fine in 9.2 didn't work as well in 10. So for me it felt like downgrading instead of upgrading.
That motivated me to try other distro' s and Suse and Fedora really appealed to me. Installation and hardware detection went without any real problems. I worked with both for a while but after a couple of months I deleted Suse 9.2 to use Fedora Core 3 only.
There was no real need to change Fedora, but curious as I am, I wanted to try Fedora Core 4 and compare it with Ubuntu. Lots of good reviews of Ubuntu made me try it.
Everything you can read in the reviews of Ubuntu is true: very easy install, very good hardware detection, very stable and lots of easy to install software, because it is based on Debian.
What I like about Ubuntu as well, is the great community around it. Very helpfull...
With ubuntuguide it's very easy to have a full featured desktop within a couple of hours.

Don't know if it's the best distro for starters, but it does the job very well and easy for me.
If you want to try Linux, download Knoppix
Great live cd, no installation on harddisk. Just burn the knoppix iso, boot the cd and try it. No risk and you can see if you like Linux.


Anonymous cybervista said...

offlate ubuntu has started dishing out its own Live Cd as well.

For new user's Ubuntu surely is an encouragement. But for Power users i would still rate Suse as the best :D

24 July, 2005 22:17  

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