Saturday, August 13, 2005

Personal Linux roadmap

Personal Linux roadmap

I like the idea of a roadmap. Set some goals you want to achieve and try to reach them before you die ;)

I don't have a time limit for my goals .. yet.

My personal linux goals (random order):

1. Install MythTV

- Main problem will be my video card: a Hauppage WinTV 881 based PCI board, not supported by Linux as far as I know

2. Learn more about bash / scripting

- I have to make the goal more clear like 'write a script that does ....'

3. Learn more about python

- I have a video tutorial that I need to study, after that I will rewrite a program I once made in Basic.

4. Learn more about Excel/OpenOffice Spreadsheet. This will come in handy in my daily work as well.

- on going process, but there needs to be more structure in doing this

5. Install Linux on my pocket PC / Ipaq 3610

- I don't really use the 3610 anymore, because I've got a new pocket pc. It's something I planned doing for some time now, but never done it.

6. Sync my Pocket PC and laptop with SynCE

- I prefer with Korganizer or else with Evolution

7. Try to use stepbridge (dutch online bridgeprogram) with Wine.

- Will probably not work, but I want to try it anyway. During the process hope to learn more about configuring Wine.

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Anonymous cybervista said...

try for installing linux on the devices that u thought u wuld nevr be able to do

20 August, 2005 21:22  
Blogger tlinux said...

Nice site, lot of information and very dark and crowded :)

There's already a site where installation on a Ipaq is explained

When I want to install Linux on my microwave I know where to look now.

21 August, 2005 02:45  

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