Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Podcasting and Linux

Podcasting and Linux

What is podcasting?

You can receive your favorite radioshows with a podcasting program. If you put the url (webpage) of the show in your program it will automaticly search the web and will download the shows you haven't downloaded/listened yet.

On Linux you can use fa jPodder (see picture). jPodder is easy to use and has got many features.
The one I use is BashPodder, not so easy to use and you need to adjust a config file. I like it because it does the job and nothing more, and I can adjust the program myself because it is written in bash.

BashPodder: BashPodder site
jPodder: jPodder site

Here you can find podcasts


A lot of categories containing music, but also spoken word from Agriculture to Women.

My favorite podcasts:

Lugradio: Lugradio podcast
Hoe?Zo! (dutch): HoeZo laatste aflevering


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