Saturday, September 03, 2005

Opinion about Linux / Open Source vs Windows

Opinion about Linux / Open Source vs Windows

I think we (open source community), should stop trying to convince Windows users to join 'our club'. Even the debate about the quality of free software vs commercial is something I don't really find interesting.

What I do find interesting is comparing free distro's, keep an eye on FreeBSD and Solaris. Try new updates of software, watch for games on and read the linux news on
If we stop comparing, be happy with what we've got and try to help newbies in the open source community with good information, this community will grow without trying to convince others.
The philosophy of free open source (share) doesn't need marketing, it will find it's way to the people anyway.
It may take a few years, but I believe it's a process that will not be stopped.

Just my 2 cts :)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

As we see more cloud computing and software as a service, it is only logical that free software will become increasingly commonplace.

Computing's history is kind of weird. First we had dumb terminals connected to mainframe computers running Unix, sharing resources on the servers. Then we decided personal computers were more efficient, and graphical user interfaces and mice made software quicker to use. Then we networked these computers and no longer needed mainframes in most cases. Then the network grew to be global. Then we went back to using mainframe computers again, while the terminals don't need as much horsepower again, since everything can be done over the global network. And this time we can use graphical user interfaces and mice on the mainframes.

We have gone around full circle. But we are not all the way around the circle as we are doing some of each at present.

Since Linux and Unix really excel at being a server, which is what they were originally designed for, it seems logical that we will have *nix servers as well as terminals/workstations for some time to come.

And it isn't meant to be an insult to say that Linux will increase in useage as a workstation again because the workstation will not be as important. That is just the way the history is panning out. So it is a great opportunity for Linux to shine when people do start using it, and they will probably come to like using it's own smarts as a workstation as well as a terminal. Familiarity breeds comfort.

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