Sunday, October 02, 2005



Mame is an emulator for arcade games. It's a problem getting it to work with a nice gui in linux.
This is the way I do it, but it doesn't work flawless.

- install xmame (synaptic)

- install the newest version of gxmame Gxmame projectpage
to install use sudo dpkg -i gxmame_0.35beta2-1_i386.deb

- after that I changed the default rom directory

- copied a hiscore.dat file from
unzip the file and save the hiscore.dat file in /usr/share/games/xmame/ (another directory doesn't work)
I changed permission of the file with chmod 666 hiscore.dat

- You can't see the romfile names if you start gxmame. You need to change the fontsize of the gamelist font (default size = 0).


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