Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Ubuntu Breezy 5.10

Ubuntu Breezy 5.10

Soon after Ubuntu Breezy 5.10 was available I downloaded it and tried it on my laptop.

Upgrading from Hoary wasn't successful, so I did a complete new install. Installation was painless and all components were recognized.
The new Breezy isn't very different from Hoary from what i've seen. Open Office 2.0 is for me the biggest difference together with the newest Gnome version 2.12.

Maybe I will see the big benifits of Hoary after the update of the Ubuntu Guide.

Because I needed to do a new install I tried some other distro's too

1. Debian. After installing no X server started, so I didn't bother...
2. Mandriva 2005 (I thought I'd downloaded 2006)
Nice distro. Very complete 'out of the box' even AVI / mp3
3. OpenSUSE 10.0
Also a very nice distro. With this guide : http://www.thejemreport.com/mambo/content/view/178/42/
It's very easy to make a complete desktop in a short time.

I think the main distro's are all very good, and there isn' t one for me that is the absolute best.

Ubuntu is still my favorite, the reason for this is the community, the forum and the Ubuntu Guide.


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