Friday, October 13, 2006

Another webmail solution

Another webmail solution

Another way to download mail from webbased mailaccounts.

It's a plug-in for thunderbird and works great. Very nice is the feature in thunderbird to filter your mail. I've made separate folders for all my accounts, and the mail is filtered automaticly to the folders. And with spamassassin - build in Junk filter of Thunderbird, most of my spam is transported to the trashbin.

There was a small problem to get the extention to work. It is needed to change the pop and smtp port from 110 to more than 1024 (the same change is needed in the pop/smtp setting for every account in Thunderbird). After this the pop and smtp servers are green in the preferences of the webmail extention.

Pop settings:
servername: localhost
username: (example)

For now smtp doesn't seem to work. I've changed the port above 1024, it could be a firewall issue.
Not that important for me, the hotmail and lycos accounts I'm using are mainly used to receive mail.

Edit: It works, you can only choose 1 "smtp" server and the right server isn't chosen automaticly.

Smtp settings
servername: localhost
username and password: (example)


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